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I had tried this game about 6 months ago, ever since I am hooked. The joy of killing a bunch of 7 grouped up bumpercars, the strange physics, the fast-paced gameplay, what is there not to love? I hope this game continues development as well as your other games Virtual Turtle! You have my developer respect. (P.S. Hopefully that development includes online multiplayer because that would be even better!)


Thank you so much for the kind words. You have no idea how much they mean to a small-time Dev like myself :) I'm super glad you like it! Currently I've been working on some different larger-scale projects, but just the thought of making this multiplayer some day gets me really excited, so who knows! It might be a good game to practice implementing multiplayer on.  Thanks again, and have a nice day!

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Pull up to the bumper baby. I had a short play and thought it was neat. You did really well to get that many bumper cars running at the same time. Awesome


Thanks a bunch for playing my games, that's what drives me to make them! ;) Thanks for the gameplay too! Glad you liked it :)

A lot of fun.  If I can make one minor suggestion, maybe the rocket pickups could be a little bigger?  With the controls being quite floaty (as they should be for bumper cars) a bit more lenience on what counts as a successful  'pick up' would be handy. =)

Thanks a lot and good suggestion! I'll look into it

Good concept, except that the enemy bumper cars are always all going for you, trapping you where at some points you're in the middle of a circle jerk of bumper cars unable to move. Kinda annoying

Thanks! Appreciate you playing ;). I actually agree, it was my first go at making something resembling AI, so I'm by no means an expert haha. They do go for pickups and each other, but I'm guessing I might not have balanced it too well so it feels like they're all ganging up on you. 


The only battle royale game i need in life, cant wait for a possible multiplayer 

Thanks a lot for playing!

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Fantastic game, really fun, lots of different things to do, though a few modifiers would be nice, I can't count how many times I've been trying to mess around with some things or was just having mindless fun and then a stray rocket ended me, or how many times I was duelling with one enemy and another came in and knocked us so we weren't aligned anymore. A few options like changing the player count and toggling rockets would be appreciated, but it's still a great game, non-the-less!

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you had fun with my silly creation :D also really appreciate the feedback, I'll see what I can implement in the future!